TP Campus Care Network (CCN)

Poly with a heart : TP's Campus Care Network!

Temasek Polytechnic holds its Campus Care Network (CCN) Day, a long-held tradition where staff and students put up a campus-wide bazaar and online sale to raise funds for students in need of financial assistance. Behind the scenes of this vibrant event, countless hours of planning, coordination, and teamwork take place to ensure its success. Dedicated committees are formed, comprised of passionate individuals from various departments who work tirelessly to organize the bazaar and set up stalls.

The aim of this polywide event is not only to raise funds but also to cultivate community spirit and bonding for staff and students, forging lasting memories and a sense of unity.

As you click on the images below, you'll discover a treasure trove of past CCN memories, showcasing the collective dedication and hard work that went into making this event a cherished tradition at Temasek Polytechnic.