About TP Archives   

The Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Archives is a central repository containing materials of historical value that chronicle the origin, growth and development of TP. The collection is organised, digitised and accessible online.



The objectives of TP Archives are:

  • To curate materials of historical and permanent value to TP
  • To digitise  materials for long term access
  • To provide TP staff and students online access to the archives collection

   Archives Collection   

Materials are selected for the archives collection  based on historical, informative and intrinsic values. The collection includes:

  • Campus development plans
  • Campus, school and staff newsletters
  • Commemorative publications, souvenirs or memorabilia
  • Corporate publications and video recordings
  • Ephemera (brochures and cards)
  • Innovations or inventions
  • Logos and taglines
  • Photographs of campus and events
  • Press releases
  • Trophies and plaques

Want to donate something? Email us at memories@tp.edu.sg

TP Memories